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About Us

Karnataka Public Lands Corporation Ltd (KPLC) is a fully Government owned Company established
on 1-12-2008, to deal with the matters relating to lands belonging to Government of Karnataka or satutary bodies. The mandate of the company is to secure thousands of acres of government land, recovered from encroachers and ensure its proper utilization.

The main objectives of the company are as follows:

1.Particulars of organization, Functions and Duties

Date of Incorporation 1 Dec, 2008
Type of Company Fully Government owned Company, registered under the Companies Act, 1956.
Administrative Department Revenue Department, Government of Karnataka

2.Rules,Regulations for discharge of function
The overall objectives and framework of rules and regulations of the Company are laid down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. Company, while discharging its functions, is guided by manuals, policy and guidelines, which are periodically reviewed and updated. In addition, the Company follows the directives and guidelines issued by the Government of Karnataka on various matters.

3.Information available in an electronic form
The information relating to Company Profile / Business is available on Company website

4.Facilities available for obtaining information
Citizens desirous of obtaining information may visit the company website. KPLC has also hosted on its website, the list of Information Officers under the Right to Information Act. (Website address)